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From archives of the town centre to AI!

In partnership with Historic Environment Scotland and the A-Team - Jason Sinclair (Film Maker), Lynne Strachan (Visual Artist), Rae Cowie (Creative Writer) and Wendy Toner (Youth Worker) - we worked with a group of 13 local young people to 'reimagine' Elgin Town Centre.

Through utilising site visits and archive material from SCRAN we worked over a 6-month period to look at what's been and what could be - original work was  produced via digital, visual and text-based medias to create a final collection of work that explored the potential of the town centre, through the lens of a young person.  For this we utilised the following AI app:

Funded by Historic Environment Scotland.



...With the help of each other and Tanya!

A group of eight creative women from Moray were provided with a package of one to one coaching and group facilitated sessions, in partnership with Ellipsis Coaching.  Over 8-months, individuals considered their values, purpose and goals - whilst creating new relationships along the way, as you will see here!

Funded by TSI Moray Health & Wellbeing Fund. 



Five creative graduates from the University of the Highlands & Islands were supported...

Over the course of 6-months, the group engaged with industry talks and sector visits, peer learning sessions and tailored one-to-one development opportunities.  This included the purchasing of equipment, mentorship time and research visits to inform a business plan.



Arts In part of the National Culture Collective programme...

We had the joy of working longer term with three artists in residence - Mary Bourne (South Moray), Lynda Buchan (East Moray) and Caroline Inckle (Research), alongside mentor Shane Strachan and sector partners Dance North, the Moray Way Association and WildBird.  Communities across Moray were re-engaged with activity post-covid...the impact of which can be viewed here.



In partnership with Historic Environment Scotland, exploring Elgin Cathedral as creative inspiration...

Twelve young people from across Moray worked with a visual artist, writer and film maker to generate new content inspired by our local heritage.  Through site visits and workshops, the group collaborated to produce an anthology of work, through uncovering hidden stories and influences within the Cathedral grounds.

The anthology can be viewed online here.



A collaboration between M:ADE and TESCO Elgin

The supermarket shop has became a prominent ‘outing’ for us all during the pandemic.  One rare opportunity for social connection.

Inspired by this, local artists and chatter boxes Dave and Graeme – alongside our TESCO community champion Tracy - took an opportunity to chat and reconnect with members of the Moray community as lock down lifted. 

A snapshot of multiple experiences, all content can be accessed via SoundCloud: Your tracks on SoundCloud



Rejuvenation of physical and mental wellbeing

Lockdown was hard...and arguably very hard for creatives who experienced a pause on work and/or limited Government support.  Teaming up with the fantastic Jordan Ritchie Fitness, M:ADE for BODY & MIND offered a 6 week programme to artists and practitioners living and/or working in Moray.

Each session provided 30 minutes of pilates and stretch, followed by an informal 15 minute window to check in and share stimuli we have historically or recently found helpful for motivation and inspiration.



On the cusp of lockdown easing...

In partnership with the Youth Engagement Team, M:ADE and representative artists Graeme Roger, Jason Sinclair and Lynne Strachan took to the Cooper Park in Elgin to begin reconnecting with the community.  With face to face delivery being a distant memory, Pop Up in the Park! was a successful first step back into fuelling conversation, interaction and creativity with local people.



The Art of Conversation

In partnership with Chest Heart Stroke Scotland, artist Caroline Inckle worked remotely with two groups of people, all of whom had lived experience of stroke recovery.  During lockdown and through creative exploration, participants were encouraged to interrogate and utilise different means of communication; 100% noted a growth in confidence.



It starts with us

In collaboration with The Re:Store Moray, Project Prefix saw local artist Lynne Strachan work with members of the community to consider the themes of plastic use, supporting local and food waste.  Through project packs and online workshops, participants gained skills in creating their own beeswax wraps and discussed the small steps we can all take to achieve greater sustainability on a day to day basis.



In partnership with Wave Radio

North East artist and writer, Shane Strachan, performed a number of readings - from Doric Poetry to theatre excerpts and prose - over 4 consecutive Sunday evening's.  Through the power of local radio, Shane was able to engage audiences despite lockdown restrictions. 

Thanks to Wave Radio, Dr Gray's Community based broadcasting service, and to Remote Live Literature funding from the Scottish Book Trust.



Documenting isolation through imagery

A delightful collaboration with Art North Projects and members of the local community, Moray: Wonderful Things saw our everyday objects curated with an aim to represent and share our lockdown experiences.  'Things' and 'stuff' that came to hold meaning or that we came to see in a different way, archived as a momentum of 2020.

Creative Centres 1.jpg


#creativitymatters #embraceelgin

Artist Caroline Inckle worked with ElginBID, Moray School of Art and M:ADE to conduct a creative investigation into the regeneration and sustainability of Elgin Town Centre.

Following workshops with local businesses, the youth cafe and Anderson's Care Home, and a research visit to The Stove Network in Dumfries, a series of recommendations were presented to the partnership for further consideration.



Reaching out remotely

Supported by The Corra Foundation Emergency Community Fund, M:ADE were able to respond to the pandemic using creativity to boost wellbeing.

Over 300 creative packs - including sketchbooks, clay and print materials - were distributed to members of the community, in partnership with third sector organisations.

Collaborative pieces of work were also instigated as a way to promote unity and connection during difficult periods of isolation.  Short films, made from individual contributions, can be viewed on our moving image page - the link below also takes you to poetry inspired by participants.



Widening Perspectives

Following the impact of M:ADE Aware, the Corra Foundation supported the establishing of a second peer support group - this time made up of women with lived experience of mental health and women supporting others with mental health.  Fantastically open and supportive, the group continue to stay in contact via WhatsApp - thank you LJS Projects for collaborating!



Buy a puppy safely...

Horrified by the news of local puppy farms in Moray at the end of 2019, M:ADE worked with professionals from the British Veterinary Association, Moray Coast Vets and the SSPCA on a weekend of creative protest activities - a short educational film about responsible animal ownership was made, shot at Roseilse beach, engaging over 80 people with the campaign.



Singing for JOY

At the start of 2020, M:ADE facilitated a community consultation exploring the need and want for a new local choir.  Over 100 people showed interest via social media and 40 came to an initial meeting; M:ADE then supported start-up costs and by March a sustainable model was in place, paid weekly sessions with an established Musical Director, held at Larch Court residential housing in Elgin.

MADE for Music will return as lockdown lifts - for anyone seeking an informal opportunity to laugh and sing with a group, please come along!


KEITH ZINE       (2019)

'No Borin' People Allowed'

Over the course of five weeks, 10 ladies from Keith worked with artist Robert Menzies to create their first 'zine'!

Text and lino prints were combined to produce one collective piece, which was distributed across the area to encourage more local people to come along and try the Keith BE ACTIVE LIVE LONG group. 

The ladies wanted to attract isolated or socially disengaged local people, encouraging them to come along for tea, chat and cake.

Buckie 1.jpg


Film-making as consultation

Following the success of the film project in New Elgin, a similar project was delivered in Buckie with 10 young people, who decided to create a more fictional piece inspired by fact and local myth.

Partnering with Buckie Youth Development and Poppycock Films, the group wrote, produced, starred in and shot their own short film over 4 days.  The piece was due to be showcased in April but due to CV-19 has been pushed back to later in 2020.

New Elgin 5.jpg


Film-making as consultation

In partnership with Moray Council Engagement Team, Elgin Youth Cafe and the New Elgin LOIP (Local Outcome Improvement Plan) team, M:ADE worked with a group of 8 teenagers from New Elgin to explore the meaning of place.

Over the course of a week, the group created a short film, with support from Poppycock Films and input from local community members.  The film was screened as part of the LOIP launch on the 14th of September 2019 at New Elgin Hall, to an audience of over 500 local people.


S.PRINT              (2019)

'After this, I'm investing in a leisure centre membership!'

Thanks to the support of Moray Drugs and Alcohol Partnership and TSI Moray, M:ADE were able to trial a new pilot project, S.PRINT, between April and June 2019.

The project saw us combine printmaking and spinning sessions back to back as a way to increase mental and physical well being in parallel.  Engaging 18 people in total, including two local artists, participants reported a raise in confidence and new found interests in both creative and fitness activity.  Some beautiful pieces were made and new friendships formed.  


M:ADE AWARE (2018)

Local people, local experiences

Our first ever project delivered in early 2019 inspired by a number of close male relatives of one of our Trustees disclosed issues with their mental health.  

Upon trying to find relate-able local resources, little could be found, but thanks to the open mindedness and bravery of a small group of strangers, M:ADE were able to produce a number of short films addressing personal experiences of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

A heartfelt thank you to each and every guy who took part, you are all utterly fabulous!

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